Wondering where to find the best psychic readings online?

Everyone has come to a point in their lives where they have needed some guidance. As much as we try to keep our own council, we find that outside help is what’s needed. Normally friends, mentors, relatives or even therapists provide us with answers to our life’s most difficult of problems.

Sometimes though, you need something better. Sometimes you need a psychic medium who can see the unseen forces of the the Universe at work in your life. Of course you’re wondering how you can find an accurate psychic medium who is respected and trusted.

Keep reading, and we’ll give you the best phone psychics and best phone psychic networks who are ready to give you real psychic readings and put you on a path to your goals and dreams!

What is a Psychic?

A psychic is a person who uses extrasensory perception to receive information regarding a subject that is not ascertained by using the five basic senses. People professing to have psychic ability have existed since the dawn of man. Seers, fortune tellers, prophets, tea leaf readers; mediums, astrologers, tarot card readers, spiritualist, palm-reader…These are just a few synonyms for what people call psychics. Usually these people exhibit more than one psychic ability.

Ready to find out how to get real psychic readings? Of course you are!

Before I get into my top 4 reviews for Kasamba, Psychic Source, Keen, California Psychics let me tell you what to look for in the best online psychic network.

I organize my reviews into a summary, pros, and cons to keep things simple.

Bottom Line – How I evaluate

If you’ve never had a psychic reading before or if you were looking to find a psychic medium who matches your personality, then there is no other better resource than an online psychic network. Astrologers, Palm readers, tarot card readers, psychic mediums, and animal psychics – you name it, you can usually find it in an online Psychic Network. Most Networks host of large number of people who have psychic ability. If you’re looking for a particular type of psychic ability then an online psychic network will increase your chances of finding that particular niche.

Pros – How I evaluate

Hands down abundance and variety are the two top selling points of online psychic Networks. You can reach a psychic on these Networks almost any time of day. These networks also host other amenities such as weekly astrology articles. Another great thing about these Networks is that some of them offer other means of Communications besides telephone. There are some networks that offer video conferencing chatting an email as a Communications option. Another great draw is flexible pricing. No matter your budget there is a psychic advisor waiting to give you the best online psychic reading!

Cons – How I evaluate

It may be difficult to create a long-lived relationship with some of the more popular psychics. A good thing usually isn’t a good thing for very long because once other people find out about it it is harder to access. The more popular psychics on these networks are of course more expensive because of the high level of accurate psychic readings they deliver. Another point to take note about online psychic Networks is there rating systems and how they acquire new psychic mediums. Some networks do not require any type of interview process before granting you the ability to call yourself a psychic. Luckily most do! Lastly the possibility for addiction for online psychic networks can be high due to their ease of access. In some cases when clients find they can trust and rely on a psychic for information they may abused the ability to contact a psychic consultant.

Best Real Psychic Readings in 2018 – Quick 4

1) Kasamba – Trusted psychics for the modern person.

Click Here for 3 free minutes at Kasamba

Sometimes we just don’t have time to have a phone reading. Sometimes we can’t remember the all of the important points from a psychic reading. Kasamba is the answer to finding time to speak with a qualified, accurate spiritual advisor in today’s busy world. Since 1999, Kasamba.com has been trying to make it easier for people to get the help they need. Most of their spiritual advisors provide their advice via chat. Kasamba is a great way to get advice on a variety of subjects in other fields as well.


The chat feature is truly a great service provided by Kasamba.com. You’re able to refer to what has been written during your session. This makes it easy to stay on target if you want to make sure you’ve asked any important questions. It is also very handy after the reading for reviewing. Since there’s no audio, you can check your reading anywhere with absolute privacy.


Only a few psychics offer phone readings. If you need to speak to someone because you don’t enjoy typing, your options become a little more limited. There is an application fee to apply and there is some review. They do not screen applicants, but do have them provide applications.

2) Psychic Source – The oldest psychic network of accurate and trusted psychics.

Call Psychic Source: 1.866.751.7361


Click Here to go do Psychic Source

We can’t help wondering if the folks at Psychic Source didn’t predict the internet. Psychic Source – founded 1989 has a wide range of psychics in their Psychic Network. What makes them one of the top psychic Networks is there rigorous screening process as well as their introductory which is one of the best and cheapest.


Since they are one of the oldest organizations providing online psychic services, they have had time to perfect the process of finding and delivering accurate psychic readings. They have a wide range of very seasoned psychics who possess a vast array of psychic ability.


Refunds are credit only. Since their psychics are highly sought after, they can be a bit pricey.


3) California Psychics- Provides access to 3 different tiers of psychics. Great for those on a budget.

Call California Psychics: 800.354.5708


Click Here to go to California Psychics

California Psychics Review Bottom line

1995 brought us the launch of California Psychics. They are a trusted resource for finding legitimate psychic readers. They have a great introductory price is $0.99 per minute up to 30 minutes! Not to mention great customer service, not that you’ll be needing to talk with them as they are certain you’ll be happy with their service.


California Psychics that employs a three-tier psychic advisor platform. This allows users the ability to match up a psychic with their budget and to also seek psychics who have been positively evaluated by other customers. New psychics are always in the first tier. This means that they are new to the network and have not amassed any reviews from customers. The second-tier is for psychics who have proven to be popular with the community. The final tier is reserved for psychic advisors who have proven to give accurate psychic readings again and again. These are the most popular psychics on the network.


You can’t get a reading at all hours of the day with California Psychics. They believe in quality versus quantity so they have a smaller Network. Will take quality anytime!

4) Keen – The best tarot readings + a special offer: Your first 3 minutes are free

Call Keen: (877) GEN ERIC


Visit The Keen Website

Keen Review Bottom Line

Keen has been in the business of giving psychic advice since 1999. With probably the largest selection of psychics on the net, Keen warrants a review. The psychic advisors offer their psychic services via email, chat, and phone. Keen has a more relaxed vetting process so you’ll have to use the reviewing system as well as the psychic’s profile to determine the level of psychic proficiency.


The sheer number of Psychics hosted by Keen  is Keen.com’s number one asset.


Anyone can become a psychic medium at keen.com. all they have to do is sign up. This means that it’s all up to you the customer to figure out if you’re psychic selection is capable of delivering an accurate psychic phone reading, or accurate reading by whatever medium in which you are communicating.

Real accurate psychic or real psychic lemon? (Real Psychic or real Phishy?)

Here’s 3 tips on how you can tell if you have a good or bad psychic.

3 signs that you have a bad psychic

  1. They imply that you have to buy products from them as a part of your reading. This can include charms, potions, cleansing water, Etc. If you’ve paid for reading your psychic medium shouldn’t ask you to buy anything else.
  2. They question more than they comment. Your psychic should be receiving information relating to you. If you are getting a good accurate psychic reading, then the psychic medium is giving you information relevant to your life. Someone asking a lot of questions is gathering information from you to then, regurgitate it back to you as if they have received this information with their ability. You can get an accurate reading from giving a psychic your name and your birthday usually.
  3. They imply or say it’s necessary for you to come back and see them. Two ways that this is normally done is that the phony psychic medium will claim that there is something wrong with you that only they can fix. This could be a curse or spell or there could be a potion that you need to refill. Another way they have you come back is to say at the end of your reading that they have some really important information for you that they weren’t able to give you because of the time.

3 signs of a good psychic

  1. Your psychic consultant acts like a professional. This means when you are working with them they are polite, focused on you, and undistracted.
  2. Your psychic reading gives time for you to ask questions and gain clarity about the information the psychic consultant is sharing with you.
  3. They accurately identify undisclosed information about you and your life. This is the most important sign! Why else would you search for an accurate online psychic if they are not going to site you with their psychic ability?
Why haven’t you scheduled a psychic reading yet?

Psychic mediums help Society by delivering information to us from the spirit world. . Their psychic ability allows them to receive helpful information that would be unperceived through normal means. Some can pass on messages from deceased loved ones. Most tell us about love, our hopes and wishes, career, money, and other aspects of day-to-day life.You’ve seen them working with police to solve cases.

Seeing a psychic in action, working with law enforcement is probably when a lot of people felt they could trust that psychics were indeed real. Of course if every psychic medium were able to solve crimes everyone would have one! But psychic ability and the the level of skill (or sometimes the presence of skill) vary greatly. So, you’re probably wondering how can you tell if you’re going to get an accurate psychic reading before you spend your money?