10 Secrets To a Long-Lasting Relationship


When you think of the main reasons why you love your partner, chances are, their physical appearance or their savings in the bank account are not going to be two things you will mention. It is because those things (although they are nice to have) do not bring true happiness. What would physical attractiveness or money mean in a relationship if your partner is someone who cannot be trusted, or is someone who is not respecting you? Secrets to long lasting relationships have nothing to do with the material benefits. In a time where half of the marriages end in a divorce, some of us lose belief in true love. But then again, you look around and see those old couples holding hands and looking each others’ eyes with great admiration. What is it that they have that makes love last forever? Here are 10 secrets to a long-

Here are 10 secrets to a long-lasting relationship:

1. Communication skills

The openness between couples is one of the most important things to have in love. Communication between couples needs to be uplifting instead of bringing each other down. Couples that communicate in a healthy manner are not judgmental of each other because they value their partners\ thoughts and feelings. They encourage their partners instead of constantly criticizing them.

2. Focus on the problem instead of attacking your partner.

This is something we usually forget when we find ourselves in heated arguments. Most of the time the argument takes a whole new direction because couples tend to attack each other and they forget about the issue that ignited the fight itself.

3. Don’t forget to give. Without compassion, a relationship cannot last long.

We are used to receiving unconditional love and care from our parents. But once we find ourselves in a romantic relationship, we cannot expect the same kind of love and care that only a parent can give to a child. In our adult lives, it would be wrong to expect an all giving partner. We need to feed them emotionally and we need to give them the support they need from us just like we expect the same from them.

4. Don’t put yourself second.

But the balance between giving and taking needs to be a healthy one. If we compromise too much, we put ourselves second and it starts to eat us inside in the long run. If you are feeling like your needs come second or third, you need to stop behaving this way and give yourself the love and respect you deserve. Because, if you don’t care for yourself and love yourself, you cannot help others.

5. Trust and honesty are the backbones of a relationship.

Not just for romantic relationships, for friendship, for family relations, for business relations...Without honesty and trust, we cannot feel comfortable in any relationship. If you find yourself constantly worried about what your partner is doing every time you turn your back, you are risking your peace of mind and emotional wellbeing.

6. Keep the intimacy alive.

t is during the intimate moments a couple feels physically and emotionally connected. Intimacy sometimes suffers in long-term relationships because we tend to get caught up in our tiring daily responsibilities and don’t give our relationship the passion it misses. Never stop flirting, never stop doing things together. Your alone time together will keep the intimate moments more passionate. Don’t be afraid of talking to your partner about the things you like and want to explore. Also be open minded about your partner’s desires.

7. Learn to forgive.

Being able to forgive is one of the best qualities one might have as an individual. Not holding grudges and not letting anger and frustration take over is necessary for our own emotional well-being. You are not perfect, it would be unfair to expect someone else to be perfect.

8. Respect each other's privacy.

If you find yourself needy and you think your partner is not giving you enough time, before you judge him/her, ask yourself what you would do if you did not have any privacy? If you did not have your alone time to do things to help you relax and grow personally. Then remind yourself that everyone needs their own alone time for their own personal growth too.

9. Do not be a healer, don’t look for a healer.

It might sound selfish but it is true. In any relationship, you should not sacrifice yourself to heal someone else’s emotional problems that come from their past. This is different than being compassionate. Of course, we all help our partners when they need us, but when your role in a relationship becomes a healer, then chances are you are being taken advantage of. In the same way, you should not expect someone else to heal your wounds.

10. Never stop trying new things together.

Love grows deeper when we discover new things with our partner. This could be a new cuisine or a new place for a vacation. It could be a walk in nature or a new movie in the theater. We should always make time for each other and do something new that we haven’t tried together before.

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