Cosmic Compatibility


Compatibility and Relationships

Every person wants to be in a beautiful relationship and lead a happy life.

Has this ever happen to you? Have you ever been in a relationship, and from the beginning you was so happy, you felt so connected and thought this could be the "one"? But then so much time later, things just didn't feel the same. You felt disconnected, unhappy, disappointed that you spent so much time on something that wasn't working out.

Or, have you felt this? You're in a relationship, and you feel like this person is your everything. You feel like the smallest time apart feels like days. You question whether you love this person more than you have ever loved anything. Life without this person seems pointless. They're your whole being.

Those two examples are what you call Non-Cosmic Compatibility vs Cosmic Compatibility

Cosmic Compatibility

When there is an everlasting deep magnetic connection between two people, that is an example of cosmic compatibly. When we talk about cosmic love, it does not mean that you will never get into an argument or disagree on things. It means that when you do disagree, you work it out. You find common ground, and no matter how big the fight was, you both get over it and work it out together.

Cosmic Attraction

Happens when the two spiritual bodies are matching. They have the same magnetic frequency, sometimes referred to as TwinSouls.

Unlike soul-mates, you only have one Twin-Flame. You can be connected in great ways with many people. You can have so much in common with lots of people, but it still doesn't mean that they are you twin-flame.

So what happens if you and your twin-flame don't last?

Well, here's the part that you probably don't wanna hear. You end up grieving them. You feel as though you lost your connection in life, almost like a death has happened. You may move on in other relationships, but still, cling to the one you had. I know! it's tough...

But is there hope?

Hmmm... Well, it really depends on what has happened. Everyone's story is different, but I may have some good news, Once a connection, always a connection!

My Advice!

Now, this is tricky, cause like I said earlier in the blog, everyone's story is different. But, You have to hang on, and when I say hang on, you have to hang on with all you have. Will it be tough? heck ya! But ain't we supposed to fight for the things that we really want? I'm not telling you to not move on, sometimes it hurts more to just sit there and wait, I understand that. But, remember if you feel, like their your twin-flame, then you only get one. Sad I know...

My help

If you feel you need some guidance or just someone to turn to for support please reach out. I have helped countless people just like you. God Bless, to all who has read this blog!

Aileena Cavali